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We offer you tours trips to the most important places in the province geography, here is a sample:

Group Sculptural Commandant Ernesto Che Guevara

Plaza del CheFounded on December28th, 1988 with reason of the 30th Anniversary of Santa Clara Battle, directed by the heroic fighter, it is in what is the center of Santa Clara and integrated by the Square, the Tribune, the Museum and the Brief.

The Museum possesses a permanent sample of pictures, documents and historical objects of the Che's life and work .

The Brief is the space that keeps the remains of the combatants that guided by Ernesto Guevara, fought in the Bolivian forest in 1967. The 39 born niches of the stone and the natural plants symbolize the Bolivian forest and the eternal flame, lit by Fidel on October 17th, 1997 perpetuates the memory of these men.

In Santa Clara city besides visiting our square of the revolution, the city possesses a historical center and other museums of supreme importance of visiting.

Las Brujas Cay.

Cayo Las Brujas
It has an approximate longitude of 4 Km. and a maximum width 1.9 Km. Its total surface is of 6.7 Km2, it name is becouse to a legend that people saw witches and ghosts there to propitiate the encounter of an even youth, to the girl's jealous uncle's backs. In this environment you can practiced the fishing in channels of up to 10 meters of deep, in boats with motors. The species more abundant are sábalo, pargos, rabirrubias, cuberas, aguajíes, mere, albacoras and golden, among other, it is one of the mot beautifull beaches of our country where you can feel the warm waters and enjoy excellent landscapes, as well as a cafeteria service with view to the sea.

Ciudad RemediosIn the trajectory from Santa Clara to the cay, you can make a stop in the Remedios City considered as the Eighth Villa and founded in Cuba by the Spaniards in the XVI Century, its foundation was in May 3rd, 1513 and it possesses a great tradition for its popular parties, considered an important and genuine Cuban traditional festivities, you can also make a tour for the city and to visit the museum of the popular parties, a church considered one of the oldest in the country with an historian of the same one, as well as to delight with an colonial atmosphere .

Parque NaturalAnother offer that it offers our Hostal is the visit to the "Hanabanilla" Lake, where you can make a trip in a motor boat for the whole Lake in an approximate of 1 hour and 15 minutes and then to walk for the Cuban fields and to appreciate the Cuban nature until arriving to one of the natural and beautiful parks of the country that is named "El Nicho" where you can visit a long river with different cascades and to take a bath, if you want to, in warm and crystalline waters.

Here in the Hostal, as great expert of my country that, I can suggest you places to visit for your stay here in Cuba can be the best in your vacations, in this web site you can also find pictures of several places more visited in the region of Villa Clara and of the Country.

These trips if you rent a car you can make them very easy, but if you can't, I can contact for you the service of CUBATAXIS for your transportation to the different places.

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